About Me

I'm just an OSU! Player like others, i started playing osu! somewhere in 2016.

I was very badly at this game, but in time i got experience and got more and more better at it, after 6 months i could play 3 and 4 stars.

And now i'm playing from 5 to 7 stars, also i'm playing on Ripple and Gatari servers and i play on Enjuu! and Vipsu, but there i'm not so active.

Most active private servers of osu! is Gatari and Ripple, can find me on those servers by accesing those links down below:

1. Gatari: Click here

2. Ripple: Click here

3. Enjuu!: Click here

- Who we are?

Our team was made up of 3 guys, how did we get to know each other?

We all met on Gatari and we started to get to know each other better, we decided to build a team and here we are, a strong team with thoughts to the the victory.

But what makes us a strong team is the confidence in our teammates

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  • "Our team is based on trust"

    Gatari Player
  • "I prefer to start from scratch with a new team to get to the top by myself."

    Gatari Player
  • "I like the way that this server is going through, and i really like the server in general."

    Ana Beregoi
    Gatari & Ripple Player
  • "Our team is friendly, thats what makes an beautiful strong friendship."

    Gatari Player
  • "We're strong when we play together, that made us an team."

    Gatari & Ripple Player

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